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Eyes of a sailor     

Wpisany przez Joy Mathew   
Piątek, 20 Luty 2009 20:22

Eyes of a sailor

In early days pirates had masks
To hide their broken eye,
The gift of lost wars that
Camouflage the lights of beingness

Sailors do not mask their eyes
They fathom the ocean with naked eyes,
See the change of colours of wind,
The ebb and flow of waves of sorrows
And the mysterious horizon
A war without weapons
Passion without a lover
Yes, they ought to be naked by their eyes

But why me with a mask now?
Me not a sailor anymore?
A pirate-unwanted?

The ego flattened, shuddering and shattered
Into countless images
Forms cages in my vision
Now I see in them trenches
Of fury and fears

Fears recollected from my childhood
Where a blind curse awaits me
Invites me into an unknown darkens
To see the unveiled truth,
The histories of ruins,
The broken signifiers of love hate and lust

Why was I chosen?
For the vision of truth that is blinding
Once the sailor asked the geppy fish
How many shades blackness has?
Nothing was said;
But I can say-Black has many shades and shadows
Of agony, death and darkened love

Do not lift up my left patch
Me no more leftist
My vision towards left is dead and gone

You will be frightened, will tremble
When you see this empty trunk behind
The mask, a ship without a mast
Carrying the corpses of dreams
From abandoned shores
Amidst inarticulate voices of darkness

Joy Mathew